2 Million B.C. Online Slot Rating and reviews

The 2 Million B.C. slot has been a mainstay in Betsoft’s library ever since the company’s earliest days, and it is widely considered to be one of the company’s most successful games overall. 2 Million B.C. transports you back in time thousands of years, to a time when cavemen courted women with diamonds from the wild. This online slot game has a screen with 5 reels and 30 active paylines, and it is packed with ancient symbols and entertaining cinematic extras. This slot machine allows you to win some respectable sums of money regardless of the device you choose to play it thanks to its design that is built for mobile play as well as its real-money jackpot of 75,000 coins.

In spite of the fact that it was one of BetSoft’s earlier efforts, the slot machine known as 2 Million B.C. contains the same 3D graphics and animation elements that can be found in BetSoft’s subsequent games. Attractive bonuses are not omitted either, as the game provides you with not only free spins but also two more extra features in which you will get to battle a sabertooth in order to win some immediate cash rewards. In addition, the game does not exclude any other types of incentives.

How to Play the Online Slot Machine 2 Million B.C.

This slot machine is another user-friendly product offered by BetSoft that can accommodate gamers who have never before engaged in the activity of playing slot machines online. You will need to utilize the stone-carved controls at the bottom of the screen to choose the amount of your coins, modify the number of paylines, and set your wager per line before you can begin your journey through the annals of history. When you play, you may choose from a wide variety of different wager amounts, ranging from a minimal investment of 0.01 credits each round up to a maximum stake of 150 credits, as well as any bet level in between.

You have the unique opportunity to pre-select your win lines and choose which of them you want to pay for thanks to the game’s active paylines, which is something that you don’t see in many of the modern slot machines. We recommend that you go to the paytable of the slot machine in order to examine all of the different lines that are available. While you’re there, you should also look at the symbols and the payouts that are associated with the game. You have a total of 10 symbols at your disposal to use to trigger winnings, and the majority of these symbols may also pay out for sequences consisting of only two symbols. Each of the rewards that are detailed in the paytable are denoted in coins, and you have the ability to raise or lower each of these values by adjusting the amount that you wager on each line. Play for real money at an online slots site that accepts real money and place a minimal bet to win rewards ranging from two hundred to five hundred coins. If you raise the amount you wager per line, you may win bigger payouts of up to two thousand five hundred coins every winning sequence.

You may play the mobile version of 2 Million B.C. on any device that uses the iOS operating system, including your phone and tablet if it runs Android or any other device that plays Android. The spin control is the only one that appears on the screen of the mobile version of the game; the other controls are hidden away in a different menu. This is because the mobile version of the game has less screen real estate than the desktop version. When it comes to everything else, though, playing on a computer is exactly the same as playing on a console.

Features dating back to 2 Million B.C. and Free Spins

This is a slot game that will appeal to you since in order to earn a payout, the vast majority of the time all that is required of you to do is line up two symbols that are identical on a payline. There are up to six distinct symbols that will award you a reward even if you just match two of them in a row, moving from left to right; however, all 10 symbols will provide prizes if you match three, four, or five of the same symbol. The girl, the sabretooth, and the bee symbols are the highest paying icons out of all of these icons, with a potential payout of up to 2,500 coins, 2,000 coins, and 1,500 coins per sequence, respectively.

You will, however, need a certain number of the unique scatter symbols in order to qualify for certain bonus rewards. Collecting three fire symbols anywhere on the screen will launch a bonus round of free spins, which may be retriggered an unlimited number of times by following the same steps. Instead, if you get three acorn symbols, you’ll enter a cinematic feature in which you’ll battle a sabertooth for quick additional rewards. In addition, if you land at least three diamond symbols in a row on any of the active paylines, you will not only get an additional payout of up to one thousand coins, but you will also be given a chance to play the Diamond Bonus feature. If you can outwit the saber tooth and make off with his diamond, you will be eligible for some very generous bonus rewards while you are playing for real money.

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